Tuesday 02nd October 2007

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Statement from Harvey Goldsmith: Event Promoter

The random ticket selection has taken place and successful applicants have been notified that they can now purchase their tickets.

Each ticket holder has an individual pass code that has been issued by Ticket Master, that pass code and the name of the applicant are married together.

Consequently if the pass code is sold on to another party those tickets will be invalid.

Unfortunately a small number of unscrupulous people have decided to take advantage of the fact that they had been awarded the opportunity to purchase tickets.

It is even more unfortunate that eBay and a number of ticket scalping sites have chosen to take advantage of this situation.

Please note that unless the ticket, the code and correct identification match, those tickets will be invalid.

Anyone who chooses to purchase tickets in this way will lose their money!

We urge all fans who wish to come to the concert to sit tight; as the tickets are cancelled they will be re issued at the next random selection of registrations.

From: Harvey Goldmith


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