Tuesday 02nd October 2007

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Spot On Harvey!!!

FAW’s on ahmettribute.com have changed to reflect the touts:

Updated 2nd OCTOBER 2007

1. I didn’t win but I have obtained a passcode that does not belong to me can I use it?

All bookings will be cross checked against the details of the registration that was issued the passcode and if the details do not match then the booking will be cancelled and the tickets returned to the ballot.v

2. My friend registered for me / my friend won but he doesn’t have a credit card / my friend wants me to have their tickets is that ok?

No, only the winners of the public ballot can purchase the tickets as this is the only way to ensure that all fans have an equal and fair chance of obtaining tickets.

3. What will happen to the unused passcode?

It will become invalid

4. What happens to any remaining unsold tickets?

They will be offered out by random selection from the remaining applicants who registered.

5. When will the second round of tickets be offered?

Once the first round of winning applicants have completed their purchases and all invalid orders have been cancelled.

Please keep checking this website for updates.

6. Can I still register for the ballot?

Unfortunately the ballot has now closed and no further registrations can be accepted.

7. I accidentally registered more than once but I do not want to be disqualified what can I do?

Only additional registrations were removed from the final list so your original registration has remained in the ballot.

8. If I am successful, how will I be contacted?

The ballot has now been drawn and the successful applicants will receive an email in the next 24 hours. This email will contain all the information you need to purchase your tickets.

9. What if I require disabled access?

If you a successful applicant and require disabled access the email as mentioned above will contain all the information you require to arrange accessible seating.

10. How long will I have to pay for my tickets?

You will have 72 hours.

11. How many tickets can I buy and how much are they?

Ticket purchases will be restricted to no more than 2 per successful registrant and all tickets will be £125 plus booking fee.

12. How will you use the information I provided?

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

13. What is the Ahmet Education Fund?

The Ahmet Education Fund is a charitable fund which is administered by The City Charity Trust (charity number 259420) the purpose of which is to establish university educational bursaries.

This outcome is spot on!

I registered correctly, once and didnt rely on registering other people!
I have means of payment for myself.
Sounds like exactly what it should be to me.

alot of the people i have seen moaning have been people who either payed for passcodes and will now be stripped of their tickets, and/or got passcodes from signing up other people!


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