Thursday 20th December 2007

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Rumours, Stories and more...

What Makes Led Zeppelin one of the greatest bands in the world (THE greatest in my humble opinion)?

Well, there’s no one thing that can all out say why they are so spectacular… Amazing Sound? Amazing Visuals? Amazing Songs? Well, they no doubt have all of the above, but there is something more that Zeppelin possess that makes them so sought after.

The Mystery that surrounds the band. From the start Peter Grant and Jimmy Page made the band out to be this mysterious beast that would be let out to play, AS and WHEN they deemed it fit, or beneficial to the band.

This mysterious band, made them one of the most hated band of the 70’s from the press, but even that didn’t put the band off. Equally, the fans never gave up.

Breaking records of the highest grossing gigs and most fans in venues, Zeppelin We’re the biggest thing of the 70’s! and this mysterious edge seriously did them NO Harm.

So its no surprise that nearly 30 years on from the death of Drummer, John Bonham, The band are still faithful to using the methods they used all those years ago.

Producing hype, secret rehearsals to get into shape for a one off gig that took the world by storm, and then, media silence! What better way to sell records, and get EVERYBODY in the world talking about them again? “Will they tour? wont they? whats going on? what will they do next". It is utterly fabulous to see the fans working for the band creating a hype of rumours and stories.

But of course, unless it comes from the horses mouth, assume Zeppelin will not play another gig. But nevertheless the rumours are fun.

Comment some of the rumours you may have read/heard… I’m intrigued to hear them :)


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