Monday 26th November 2007

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More Personal Led Zeppelin Thoughts...

Okay, So a few days ago my Best Friend Found out he got a passcode allocated! Superb, so whats gone on since?

Well, i have kind of neglected with only the odd update every so often, but i have been working on other projects.

Okay, so what new projects and “other stuff", well, i am currently compiling a website where all people that go to the gig can upload pictures and use it as a central “hub” of photographs from the reunion gig.

Its still in very early stages, but im expecting it to be ready by the time of the gig.

As for cameras in the venue, here is what the venue said about it:

Cameras will be allowed for this event as long as they are not professional cameras and are of a small-medium size.



Customer Services

The O2

Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX
T: 0208 463 2000

So, as soon as it is ready for visitors, i will post the website on here, so keep your eyes peeled.

What else have i been upto?

well, i have plans for something that i have been wanting for ages, but not got round to it, due to money and my distaste for pain.

But i am finally getting the 4 symbols tattooed on me… in pride of place on my wrists (I always said i would never get anything on my lower arms, due to future job prospects, but with something so monumental as a Led Zeppelin reunion, it would be hard not to get it done)

So pictures will be up on wednesday night after i have it done.

with that in mind, if anyone else has Led Zeppelin Tattoos, feel free to comment, and give any experiences that you have had induced from the tattoo’s (maybe a conversation that was special to you, after being sparked by the tattoo’s, i.e. “hey thats a nice tattoo…” - later going on to getting married?! Also, feel free to post pictures of your tattoos, Im always interested to see other peoples artwork :)

Other than that, i Don’t thin alot has gone on. Just planning for the gig itself.

If you are going, dont forget to sort out ur travel/parking, as with only 2000 parking spaces, they might be tight, especially if alot of people intend on going even without tickets.

Have fun and Thanks for readin (if anyone actually did :)



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