Wednesday 03rd October 2007

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Led Zeppelin Reunion Summary.

During the past 2 days, in the world of Led Zeppelin, all hell has broken loose.

I say this because, on October 1st The lucky winners to the lottery-style ballot were sent out. Within hours some of those tickets hit the internet marketplaces such as eBay, and other dedicated on-line ticket stores.

Despite this being immoral (trying to profit from a charity event) - before the slots were even allocated, Harvey Goldsmith (Promoter of the event) had warned that if tickets did hit eBay, those people who bought those tickets would not get into the event. Granted, it was not tickets people were selling, but passcodes to use the Ticketmaster website in order to buy tickets.

On the 2nd October, the Zeppelin world seemed divided by people who wanted tickets, and people who wanted to wait until the second ballot in the hope that some tickets would remain. My opinion throughout the whole ordeal, was to stop the touts from selling and let their 72 hours that they have to use the passcodes Lapse. Other people however had other ideas.

A few people bought tickets on eBay and other unscrupulous websites, rumoured that one person spent £4000, i know of a few off led zeppelin forums that spend just shy of a thousand pounds.

So Harvey Goldsmith, Intent on doing the loyal fans who didnt want to line the pockets of these oxygen-thieves selling the tickets, released a press statement via his website ( ) which stated:

The random ticket selection has taken place and successful applicants have been notified that they can now purchase their tickets.

Each ticket holder has an individual pass code that has been issued by Ticket Master, that pass code and the name of the applicant are married together.

Consequently if the pass code is sold on to another party those tickets will be invalid.

Unfortunately a small number of unscrupulous people have decided to take advantage of the fact that they had been awarded the opportunity to purchase tickets.

It is even more unfortunate that eBay and a number of ticket scalping sites have chosen to take advantage of this situation.

Please note that unless the ticket, the code and correct identification match, those tickets will be invalid.

Anyone who chooses to purchase tickets in this way will lose their money!

We urge all fans who wish to come to the concert to sit tight; as the tickets are cancelled they will be re issued at the next random selection of registrations.

Which basically means, that if you were not the registrant on the ballot (i.e. the registrant name to the passcode is not yours) then you would not get in. Even if you have already bought tickets.

This means, no family members could register for you, if they are not attending, no friends could “gift” the passcode to you, and you cannot buy and use passcodes from touts.

FANTASTIC… having not got a ticket in the first round. all these cancellations (as I would estimate over half the people either bought or used a friends passcode that they may have asked to be registered for) means that the second round there will be more tickets to go out than was initially expected, and well, I have more chance, as I tick ALL the boxes.

It seems you have to register for yourself, at your own address. Check.
You must have a credit/debit card which you will use for the Ticketmaster transaction with your name on it, which you can take to the venue on the day of the gig. Check.
You need a photo ID. Check.

It seems all the people who registered as many people, and locations they could think of, have wasted their time.

The FAQ’s also received an update around 4 ‘o’ clock on the second, as the first 4/5 question/answers were added. They read as follows:

1. I didn’t win but I have obtained a passcode that does not belong to me can I use it?

All bookings will be cross checked against the details of the registration that was issued the passcode and if the details do not match then the booking will be cancelled and the tickets returned to the ballot.

2. My friend registered for me / my friend won but he doesn’t have a credit card / my friend wants me to have their tickets is that ok?

No, only the winners of the public ballot can purchase the tickets as this is the only way to ensure that all fans have an equal and fair chance of obtaining tickets.

3. What will happen to the unused passcode?

It will become invalid

4. What happens to any remaining unsold tickets?

They will be offered out by random selection from the remaining applicants who registered.

5. When will the second round of tickets be offered?

Once the first round of winning applicants have completed their purchases and all invalid orders have been cancelled.

These FAQ’s tie in nicely with what Harvey was saying earlier in the day.


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