Thursday 06th December 2007

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Hard-Fi who?

HARD-FI have lambasted LED ZEPPELIN, SEX PISTOLS and THE POLICE, branding them “rock ‘n’ roll dinosaurs” who are only embarking on comeback tours for the money.
The British rockers, who kicked off a U.K. tour in Glasgow on Wednesday night (05Dec07), are infuriated by veterans who charge steep prices for shows.
Drummer Steve Kemp says, “I know these old bands have a huge legacy but paying over £100 for a ticket is a joke.
“If it’s a band you really love, of course you want to go and see them - buy why should you then pay so much money for it? “These rock ‘n’ roll dinosaurs are coming out for a last pay cheque. I don’t know what they’re going to do on stage that’s so special.”


What the f***?

where do Hard-Fi get off?

I think this is a case of jealousy gone mad… of course they would love to have 20 MILLION people apply for tickets to their gigs, but alas they must play to half empty small clubs and be unhappy with it.

Such a mediocre band slagging of legends is making news these days?

Obviously ill-informed also… The Led Zeppelin Reunion gig, aka, the Ahmet tribute gig, is just that, a tribute and charity event in order to raise funds and remember the man who signed them, its not about money at all. Do this “Hard-Fi” honestly believe that Led Zeppelin, one of the biggest selling artists of ALL TIME, are doing this for the MONEY!?

I’ve never once been interested in Hard-Fi… but not I’m interested, only to see how long until their inevitable fall to failure…


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