Thursday 11th October 2007

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Comment on Harvey's Blog...

Just got off the phone to ticketmaster, sounds hopeful…

The lady I spoke to was sympathetic, and was going to transfer me to her supervisor, however her supervisor was extremely busy, so I spoke to the same lady again. She did tell me that her supervisor had said they had received an email today from the promoter/organiser/management (she wasn’t sure) which basically stated that no accounts (ie tickets) would in fact be canceled!! I am of course taking this with a grain of salt but she seemed fairly certain that I would be ok - I asked repeatedly (in a tad of shock) if it really stated that none would be canceled and she believed it to be correct! Someone else care to call and ask a similar question and see if we get as positive result?

Obviously not getting my hopes too high but a glimmer of hope perhaps?

I’d also like to take his opportunity to thank Harvey for making this so complicated and stressful, and that I really appreciate this wall of silence. I’ve spent well over 10 hours on this over yesterday and today, and must admit I’m really not enjoying myself. Fantastic way to treat fans.


Now… If this post on Harvey’s blog is true, then my chances have been slashed, as have many other peoples.
This poster seems to have made alot of posts about how angry he is at Harvey and how he has tried to fight his case after breaking the rules how he should keep his tickets… now he seems to be hopeful more than ever because someone at Ticketmaster “apparently” said this to him.

My view is, this guy cheated. like many other people, and has tried to justify his actions every step of the way.

If Harvey has said that no tickets will be cancelled, then all my hope has failed… out of all the tickets that went out… I would imagine there leaves less than 1000 who genuinely cannot go to the concert and have let their tickets lapse.

IF this happens, the touts have WON! and will no doubt be free to sell the next batch of tickets that end up in their hands! (if they got so many last time they will likely get some on the second ballot too!). and make more money, leave more fans out of pocket and take the chances from the people in the ballot who actually care about the concert.

I hope Harvey has not made his mind up in this direction, for the good of the fans who didn’t try to abuse the system and try to cheat their way to the gig.


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