Thursday 21st February 2008

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LED ZEPPELIN's 'Song' To Receive Blu-Ray And HD DVD Release This Month

According to High-Def Digest, after a series of street date delays, Warner has announced a late February Blu-ray and HD DVD arrival for the LED ZEPPELIN’s concert classic “The Song Remains the Same".

Originally planned for release in November of last year (day-and-date on Blu-ray, HD DVD and standard-def), Warner subsequently delayed “The Song Remains the Same” on all formats by three weeks. That new December street date didn’t last long, however, with the studio again yanking the title from its release schedule only days before it was due to hit stores.,_HD_DVD/1448

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2+ months on...

Well, its been a very long while since i last posted on here…

The last couple of months, besides working, christmas, and trying to get a band together, i havent really had much time to post and blog the goings on of Led Zeppelin…

So lets try and get some of the main points down.

Firstly… everyone wants to know if Led Zeppelin are going to tour…

well, Jimmy kind of squished thoe rumours of thejm playing bonnaroo, or glastonbury dead when he gave a press conference and mentioned that Robert was working on his Alison Krauss tour and that there would be nothing going on aslong as robert is putting his energy into that tour.

But he did hint at future gigs, but, it was just a hint, and there is no grounds to suspect anything other than a fans over analysis of what Jimmy said in a press conference.

Further information on Jimmy is that he was apparently spotted in Bangkok where he told fans that he was currently taking time out before heading back to london to remaster the audio from the reunion gig… for what wasnt clear, but if the audio is remastered, the film was all recorded, could make for a very nice 07 Live Zeppelin DVD and CD.

Whilst Jimmy is Busy, Roberts Views are as follows, according to

Veteran rocker ROBERT PLANT has cast further doubt on a LED ZEPPELIN reunion tour, because he’s not ready to pledge his full commitment to the group. Plant joined his fellow bandmates for a one-off tribute concert in London last December (07) and fans have been waiting for what they feel is an inevitable world tour announcement ever since. And while guitarist Jimmy Page has vowed to consider a tour after Plant concludes his string of live dates with new musical partner Alison Krauss, the singer admits going on the road with the legendary band is not one of his top priorities. He says, “I really enjoyed playing with my friends, and we are a lot closer because of it. But the responsibility, the whole deal…it’s a whole different thing to what I’m doing with Alison.”

Thursday 20th December 2007

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Led Zeppelin rumours 'Are True'

Rumours of a worldwide LED ZEPPELIN tour following their triumphant one-off reunion gig earlier this month (Dec07) are true, according to a source close to the band.
Members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham have so far refused to be drawn on any future plans to reunite.
But a source close to the rockers has confirmed they are in negotiations to put on an 18-month world tour extravaganza later next year (08).
The pal tells British newspaper the Daily Express, “It will kick off at next year’s Glastonbury after Robert Plant has finished touring with American country star Alison Krauss.
“Plant and Krauss have a new album out right now and he is committed to that for the next couple of months at least.” The rock legends have been inundated with pleas from fans to follow up their hugely successful London show on 10 December (07) with a full-on tour.


Please take this with a pinch of salt and not as gospel, as i said in my other recent post, i wont believe it until it comes from the horses mouth!

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Posters still on ebay...

I made up a mosaic of my pictures taken from the Zeppelin gig (there were 650 of them in total).

With the 4000 tiles it took to make the overall mosaic picture i made an A1 poster and had them professionally printed, and 9 of the 11 i had made made their way onto eBay.

Having already sold 1 of them I thought more Zeppelin fans might be itnerested, so i thought i would put some more info on here.

Led Zeppelin Limited Edition Poster

The posters are printed on 260gms High quality photographic paper done by a professional printing company.

they contain 4000 tiles which are made up of over 600 images.

the overall picture as you can see shows robert plant and Jimmy page (with the doubleneck)

The posters will be sent special delivery and cost £35 buy it now with £5 postage.

Check out the auction here: Ebay item 220184213026


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Rumours, Stories and more...

What Makes Led Zeppelin one of the greatest bands in the world (THE greatest in my humble opinion)?

Well, there’s no one thing that can all out say why they are so spectacular… Amazing Sound? Amazing Visuals? Amazing Songs? Well, they no doubt have all of the above, but there is something more that Zeppelin possess that makes them so sought after.

The Mystery that surrounds the band. From the start Peter Grant and Jimmy Page made the band out to be this mysterious beast that would be let out to play, AS and WHEN they deemed it fit, or beneficial to the band.

This mysterious band, made them one of the most hated band of the 70’s from the press, but even that didn’t put the band off. Equally, the fans never gave up.

Breaking records of the highest grossing gigs and most fans in venues, Zeppelin We’re the biggest thing of the 70’s! and this mysterious edge seriously did them NO Harm.

So its no surprise that nearly 30 years on from the death of Drummer, John Bonham, The band are still faithful to using the methods they used all those years ago.

Producing hype, secret rehearsals to get into shape for a one off gig that took the world by storm, and then, media silence! What better way to sell records, and get EVERYBODY in the world talking about them again? “Will they tour? wont they? whats going on? what will they do next". It is utterly fabulous to see the fans working for the band creating a hype of rumours and stories.

But of course, unless it comes from the horses mouth, assume Zeppelin will not play another gig. But nevertheless the rumours are fun.

Comment some of the rumours you may have read/heard… I’m intrigued to hear them :)

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Jason Bonham talks about prospect of future Led Zeppelin Tour...

Jason Bonham, who joined Led Zeppelin on drums for their recent reunion show has been speaking about the possibility of more shows.

Bonham, the son of original Zeppelin sticksman John Bonham said that as the “new guy”, he’s unaware of any plans to tour again.

“There’s been no talks except to Jimmy (Page) and Robert (Plant) and John Paul (Jones), just to say thanks for the best Christmas present I could ask for,” Bonham told Billboard.

He went on to say: “If they do it again, of course I would love to. But that’s up to them. Only time will tell. If you’d have asked me a year ago, ‘Are they gonna do a date next year?,’ I’d have gone, ‘No way!’ So I was proved wrong once before.”

Bonham is currently the drummer with Foreigner.

As previously reported, bookers at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium are talking to Led Zeppelin about a possible show at the venue.


Saturday 15th December 2007

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Led Zeppelin Exclusive Posters Now on Ebay...

For a limited Time only, once they are gone, they are gone!

Friday 14th December 2007

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Youtube Recordings Taken Down by "Mistake?"

The mystery of Led Zeppelin video clips vanishing from YouTube has been solved.

No sooner has the rock giants’ comeback gigs at London’s O2 Arena, aka The Dome, ended this week than the clips started appearing.

But just as quickly YouTube’s owner Google started removing them and displaying their well-known red takedown boxes.

That is not unusual. Except in this case none of the copyright holders who might have requested this action actually

had done so. Google said Warner Music Group was responsible, which would make sense as it owns the rights to the band’s songs. But Warner had not sent the takedown requests, nor it seemed had the band, nor any of the other miscellaneous parties with a stake in the concerts, such as the venue’s owner, O2 or the promoter.

Finally a New York company confessed. GrayZone monitors copyright violations on behalf of media companies, but on this occasion it had been a little over zealous.

“Grayzone regrets that it erroneously issued takedown notices to YouTube regarding footage of Led Zeppelin’s December 10th concert,” the company said in a statement. “We acted without authorisation from the band or Warner Music Group.”

Grayzone’s Dorothy Sherman said that the company had removed around 300 clips before it realised its mistake. An easy one to make, it would seem, as the company currently has a list of 17,000 songs to be on the look out for.

Source: PC Pro


So it seems there was no violation of terms, and that the videos were taken down unnecessarily!

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Backstage Photos From Led Zeppelin Reunion Gig

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I got my Plant/Krauss Tickets

So tickets went on sale for RP & AK 36 mins ago… and I got my tickets 30 mins ago.

Went for best available and ended up down on the floor, with seat numbers, but whether or not we will actually be seated is another question.

I will be going to The Birmingham NIA… (almost plants hometown…. well, the closest venue to it on the tour atleast!)

Im gettin excited… not quite as excited as seeing Led Zeppelin, but excited none-the-less.

Let me know if you are going too :)


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