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Thursday 18th July 2013

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An In Depth Look At The Car(s) That Inspired Kashmir...

Robert Plant in an Austin Champ
The story began in 1973, after Led Zeppelin's whirlwind tour of the U.S in July a well earned holiday was in order. Bandmates Plant and Page, already enamoured with Moroccan culture and eastern music by that point, hopped on a plane to Agadir....
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Tuesday 19th February 2013

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Led Zeppelin Reforming in 2013? 2014 Tour?

Just read an interesting article where Rob Plant has apparently stated that he has “nothing to do in 2014″ and that it’s down to Jones and Page whether or not they get together and reform in 2014.

Since we know in 2008 that Page Jones and Bonham had worked together intent on touring and Plant was the thorn in the shoe.

Excited to see how this plays out!


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