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Monday 16th May 2011

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Good news on the horizon? O2 Reunion on Blue-ray

okay, okay, so its been too long since i posted any news about zeppelin in this blog, well, the time has come to post some good news…..

Unfortunatelly, as far as I am aware there will still be no reunion for Led Zeppelin any time soon, although, if you were unlucky enough to have missed the reunion at the O2 in London, on 10th of December 2007, then you may well just be able to see the next best thing!

Led Zeppelins Swan Song gig, in fully fledged 1080 High Definition beauty!

I was lucky enough to be there for this gig, and I can’t wait for it! The bootlegs are from weird and quirky angles, and if you’ve seen what they whipped up and kicked out to the news vendors, then after JPP has put his stamp on it and mastered the audio, it should only be some epic awesomeness…

Read all about it from some guys who are more informed than I here:

Later guys, and I’ll post more news as I hear it!

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