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Thursday 21st February 2008

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LED ZEPPELIN's 'Song' To Receive Blu-Ray And HD DVD Release This Month

According to High-Def Digest, after a series of street date delays, Warner has announced a late February Blu-ray and HD DVD arrival for the LED ZEPPELIN’s concert classic “The Song Remains the Same".

Originally planned for release in November of last year (day-and-date on Blu-ray, HD DVD and standard-def), Warner subsequently delayed “The Song Remains the Same” on all formats by three weeks. That new December street date didn’t last long, however, with the studio again yanking the title from its release schedule only days before it was due to hit stores.,_HD_DVD/1448

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2+ months on...

Well, its been a very long while since i last posted on here…

The last couple of months, besides working, christmas, and trying to get a band together, i havent really had much time to post and blog the goings on of Led Zeppelin…

So lets try and get some of the main points down.

Firstly… everyone wants to know if Led Zeppelin are going to tour…

well, Jimmy kind of squished thoe rumours of thejm playing bonnaroo, or glastonbury dead when he gave a press conference and mentioned that Robert was working on his Alison Krauss tour and that there would be nothing going on aslong as robert is putting his energy into that tour.

But he did hint at future gigs, but, it was just a hint, and there is no grounds to suspect anything other than a fans over analysis of what Jimmy said in a press conference.

Further information on Jimmy is that he was apparently spotted in Bangkok where he told fans that he was currently taking time out before heading back to london to remaster the audio from the reunion gig… for what wasnt clear, but if the audio is remastered, the film was all recorded, could make for a very nice 07 Live Zeppelin DVD and CD.

Whilst Jimmy is Busy, Roberts Views are as follows, according to

Veteran rocker ROBERT PLANT has cast further doubt on a LED ZEPPELIN reunion tour, because he’s not ready to pledge his full commitment to the group. Plant joined his fellow bandmates for a one-off tribute concert in London last December (07) and fans have been waiting for what they feel is an inevitable world tour announcement ever since. And while guitarist Jimmy Page has vowed to consider a tour after Plant concludes his string of live dates with new musical partner Alison Krauss, the singer admits going on the road with the legendary band is not one of his top priorities. He says, “I really enjoyed playing with my friends, and we are a lot closer because of it. But the responsibility, the whole deal…it’s a whole different thing to what I’m doing with Alison.”

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