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Wednesday 12th December 2007

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Photos Retouched...

Since I got back from the gig, all i have thought about is getting content online, and getting stuff for people to look at…

this inevitably got me to put the images i took from the gig straight on the net with no post production which left some okay looking raw photos, but on the whole a very sterile looking set of photos…

I have since rectified this, and they are now looking alot more crisp and alot better… so whether you have already seen them, or maybe you havent… the pictures have been updated at

You may also notice that prints of the photographs are now available… i will also do some exclusive limited edition runs of my prints on ebay.


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Led Zeppelin Was A Storming Success!

Led Zeppelin have played a dazzling live show for the first time in 19 years, at London’s 02 Arena.

The legendary rock group played for two hours in tribute to their former record boss Ahmet Ertegun, running through classics including Black Dog, Dazed And Confused and Stairway To Heaven.

In attendance for the show were the stars including Kate Moss- who arrived in a limo with Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie.

Noel and Liam Gallagher were also there as were American stars Marilyn Manson- with girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood- and Dave Grohl.

The Foo Fighters frontman exclusively told MTV News: “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Led Zep’.”

Also playing on the charity bill were Paulo Nutini and old school rockers Foreigner.

Strong rumours now suggest the group will embark on a full world tour and even an album of new material.

Source: MTV

Led Zeppelin - Image From

Well, what can I say?

The Gig was AMAZING! start to finish Led Zeppelins set was fantastic.

Its taken me 2 days to get my thoughts together after the concert just to be able to string together something more than a few lines, and I am still in shock and awe.

Led Zeppelin - Picture by

Being born far too late to have boarded the Zeppelin the first time round, this could possibly be my only chance to see the band live, and if it is, then I can die happy.

I witnessed Stairway To Heaven Live, played by LED ZEPPELIN!

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven, Page with Doubleneck - Pic By

The Night was just full of suprises, but in a nice way.

All musicians on stage were on top form;

Robert Plant - pic by

Robert Plants Voice was on top form, he hit all the right notes, and played the crowd like a champ!

Jimmy Page - Pic By

Jimmy Page… I forgot he was playing with a broken finger!! it was that amazing… Since I’ve Been Loving you was astounding.

John Paul Jones - pic by

John Paul Jones, was there ever any doubt that he wouldnt be able to pull this off really hitting all the right notes, and just being damn good.

Jason Bonham - pics by

and Jason Bonham, really what can I say? Jason Bonham was immense, he filled his fathers shoes and kicked the shit out of those drums… really, on top form, a real driving force for Zeppelin, and although the thought of Dave Ghrol on Drums excited me to begin with, Jason Bonham was really, unquestionably, the best choice by far to have on those skins!
Hats Off to Jason.

The night ended with 2 encores, obviously planned, but, why the hell not? First of which being Whole Lotta Love, which was immense! theremin Solo and more…

Theremin Solo by Jimmy Page - pics by

Then after a short (about 5 minute) somewhat standing ovation from the crowd, they came back out to Rock and Roll (which I really cant wait to see the footage of the beginning, because you should be able to hear me introduce the song :) - Just as they walk out on stage and Plant is about to speak, I piped Up with the Song title “Rock and Roll” at the top of my Lungs… and then the band kicked straight into it!)

Unquestionably the best night of my life, ever!

As for the rumours of new material… I think new material would be awesome, but it is just a rumour… sure page will have riffs that he will want to work on and stuff, but the rest of the band do have other commitments… so time will tell.

As for rumours of a tour… well, if its down to percy, then i think after Monday nights performance, he may well change his mind. or alternatively they will just say Stop… put the nay sayers to bed with a sick taste in thier mouth, and have Monday Nights concert as the Ultimate Swan Song Gig.

Led Zeppelin - pic by

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