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Tuesday 04th December 2007

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Page Apprehensive About The Sound At The O2 Arena.

Led Zeppelin are taking tips from Elton John ahead of their reunion next week (December 10).

The band will take the stage in London at the 02 Arena, which was converted into a gig venue after it began life as the Millennium Dome.

However, after seeing several concerts there, guitarist Jimmy Page admitted he may consult the rock ‘n’ roll knight in order to get the best sound.

The Stones sounded terrible [when they played there], Prince wasn’t great, Snow Patrol was just this great monolithic noise,” Page told Q Magazine.

However John’s performance at the venue impressed the guitarist and he admitted he may well seek out advice on how he pulled it off.

“The only guy who sounded OK in there was Elton John,” explained Page. “So I may talk to his soundman.”

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Led Zeppelin And Metallica To Play Bonnaroo

Apparently, Led Zeppelin will play its first U.S. show since July 24, 1977, this June at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennassee, according to an email published in industry commentator Bob Lefsetz’s newsletter. The report also says Metallica will headline the event.

Since the announcement of the December Reunion gig there has been non-stop Speculation about additional shows for Zeppelin.

A Bonnaroo spokesperson had no comment on the email. And Led Zeppelin are Keeping Schtum. But with such high demand on the ahmet gig, obviously they want to make it a special night for the people who are going, and also not let people feel bad about spending such a high pricetag on the gig, especially if a tour is coming up.

Personally, whether they tour or not, the 10th of December will be an AWESOME night.

Summer Zeppelin shows would conflict with a tour by frontman Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, which is presently being booked. Which kind of puts a big downer on the whole tour rumour, but alas, that doesnt stop the tabloids poking at the band with a big stick now does it!

As for Metallica, Bonnaroo would likely provide a launching pad for the group’s next album, expected sometime in 2008 via Elektra, which i am also looking forward to!

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