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Thursday 20th December 2007

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Led Zeppelin rumours 'Are True'

Rumours of a worldwide LED ZEPPELIN tour following their triumphant one-off reunion gig earlier this month (Dec07) are true, according to a source close to the band.
Members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham have so far refused to be drawn on any future plans to reunite.
But a source close to the rockers has confirmed they are in negotiations to put on an 18-month world tour extravaganza later next year (08).
The pal tells British newspaper the Daily Express, “It will kick off at next year’s Glastonbury after Robert Plant has finished touring with American country star Alison Krauss.
“Plant and Krauss have a new album out right now and he is committed to that for the next couple of months at least.” The rock legends have been inundated with pleas from fans to follow up their hugely successful London show on 10 December (07) with a full-on tour.


Please take this with a pinch of salt and not as gospel, as i said in my other recent post, i wont believe it until it comes from the horses mouth!

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Posters still on ebay...

I made up a mosaic of my pictures taken from the Zeppelin gig (there were 650 of them in total).

With the 4000 tiles it took to make the overall mosaic picture i made an A1 poster and had them professionally printed, and 9 of the 11 i had made made their way onto eBay.

Having already sold 1 of them I thought more Zeppelin fans might be itnerested, so i thought i would put some more info on here.

Led Zeppelin Limited Edition Poster

The posters are printed on 260gms High quality photographic paper done by a professional printing company.

they contain 4000 tiles which are made up of over 600 images.

the overall picture as you can see shows robert plant and Jimmy page (with the doubleneck)

The posters will be sent special delivery and cost £35 buy it now with £5 postage.

Check out the auction here: Ebay item 220184213026


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Rumours, Stories and more...

What Makes Led Zeppelin one of the greatest bands in the world (THE greatest in my humble opinion)?

Well, there’s no one thing that can all out say why they are so spectacular… Amazing Sound? Amazing Visuals? Amazing Songs? Well, they no doubt have all of the above, but there is something more that Zeppelin possess that makes them so sought after.

The Mystery that surrounds the band. From the start Peter Grant and Jimmy Page made the band out to be this mysterious beast that would be let out to play, AS and WHEN they deemed it fit, or beneficial to the band.

This mysterious band, made them one of the most hated band of the 70’s from the press, but even that didn’t put the band off. Equally, the fans never gave up.

Breaking records of the highest grossing gigs and most fans in venues, Zeppelin We’re the biggest thing of the 70’s! and this mysterious edge seriously did them NO Harm.

So its no surprise that nearly 30 years on from the death of Drummer, John Bonham, The band are still faithful to using the methods they used all those years ago.

Producing hype, secret rehearsals to get into shape for a one off gig that took the world by storm, and then, media silence! What better way to sell records, and get EVERYBODY in the world talking about them again? “Will they tour? wont they? whats going on? what will they do next". It is utterly fabulous to see the fans working for the band creating a hype of rumours and stories.

But of course, unless it comes from the horses mouth, assume Zeppelin will not play another gig. But nevertheless the rumours are fun.

Comment some of the rumours you may have read/heard… I’m intrigued to hear them :)

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Jason Bonham talks about prospect of future Led Zeppelin Tour...

Jason Bonham, who joined Led Zeppelin on drums for their recent reunion show has been speaking about the possibility of more shows.

Bonham, the son of original Zeppelin sticksman John Bonham said that as the “new guy”, he’s unaware of any plans to tour again.

“There’s been no talks except to Jimmy (Page) and Robert (Plant) and John Paul (Jones), just to say thanks for the best Christmas present I could ask for,” Bonham told Billboard.

He went on to say: “If they do it again, of course I would love to. But that’s up to them. Only time will tell. If you’d have asked me a year ago, ‘Are they gonna do a date next year?,’ I’d have gone, ‘No way!’ So I was proved wrong once before.”

Bonham is currently the drummer with Foreigner.

As previously reported, bookers at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium are talking to Led Zeppelin about a possible show at the venue.


Saturday 15th December 2007

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Led Zeppelin Exclusive Posters Now on Ebay...

For a limited Time only, once they are gone, they are gone!

Friday 14th December 2007

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Youtube Recordings Taken Down by "Mistake?"

The mystery of Led Zeppelin video clips vanishing from YouTube has been solved.

No sooner has the rock giants’ comeback gigs at London’s O2 Arena, aka The Dome, ended this week than the clips started appearing.

But just as quickly YouTube’s owner Google started removing them and displaying their well-known red takedown boxes.

That is not unusual. Except in this case none of the copyright holders who might have requested this action actually

had done so. Google said Warner Music Group was responsible, which would make sense as it owns the rights to the band’s songs. But Warner had not sent the takedown requests, nor it seemed had the band, nor any of the other miscellaneous parties with a stake in the concerts, such as the venue’s owner, O2 or the promoter.

Finally a New York company confessed. GrayZone monitors copyright violations on behalf of media companies, but on this occasion it had been a little over zealous.

“Grayzone regrets that it erroneously issued takedown notices to YouTube regarding footage of Led Zeppelin’s December 10th concert,” the company said in a statement. “We acted without authorisation from the band or Warner Music Group.”

Grayzone’s Dorothy Sherman said that the company had removed around 300 clips before it realised its mistake. An easy one to make, it would seem, as the company currently has a list of 17,000 songs to be on the look out for.

Source: PC Pro


So it seems there was no violation of terms, and that the videos were taken down unnecessarily!

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Backstage Photos From Led Zeppelin Reunion Gig

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I got my Plant/Krauss Tickets

So tickets went on sale for RP & AK 36 mins ago… and I got my tickets 30 mins ago.

Went for best available and ended up down on the floor, with seat numbers, but whether or not we will actually be seated is another question.

I will be going to The Birmingham NIA… (almost plants hometown…. well, the closest venue to it on the tour atleast!)

Im gettin excited… not quite as excited as seeing Led Zeppelin, but excited none-the-less.

Let me know if you are going too :)


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Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Go On Sale Today (EU)

Birmingham, UK

Birmingham NIA Academy
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 19:30

Manchester, UK

Manchester Apollo
Doors: 19:00
Showtime: 21:00

Cardiff, UK

Cardiff International Arena
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 19:30

Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf Philipshalle

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Forest National
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: TBA

Paris, France

Paris Le Grand Rex
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 20:00

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall
Doors: TBA
Showtime 20:00

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Hovet
Doors: 19:00
Showtime: 20:00

Olso, Norway

Olso Spektrum
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 19:30

Bergen, Norway

Bergen Bergenshalle
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 20:00

London, UK

Wembley Arena
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 19:30

Ticket Prices Vary. For comprehensive Details Go To

Wednesday 12th December 2007

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Photos Retouched...

Since I got back from the gig, all i have thought about is getting content online, and getting stuff for people to look at…

this inevitably got me to put the images i took from the gig straight on the net with no post production which left some okay looking raw photos, but on the whole a very sterile looking set of photos…

I have since rectified this, and they are now looking alot more crisp and alot better… so whether you have already seen them, or maybe you havent… the pictures have been updated at

You may also notice that prints of the photographs are now available… i will also do some exclusive limited edition runs of my prints on ebay.


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Led Zeppelin Was A Storming Success!

Led Zeppelin have played a dazzling live show for the first time in 19 years, at London’s 02 Arena.

The legendary rock group played for two hours in tribute to their former record boss Ahmet Ertegun, running through classics including Black Dog, Dazed And Confused and Stairway To Heaven.

In attendance for the show were the stars including Kate Moss- who arrived in a limo with Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie.

Noel and Liam Gallagher were also there as were American stars Marilyn Manson- with girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood- and Dave Grohl.

The Foo Fighters frontman exclusively told MTV News: “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Led Zep’.”

Also playing on the charity bill were Paulo Nutini and old school rockers Foreigner.

Strong rumours now suggest the group will embark on a full world tour and even an album of new material.

Source: MTV

Led Zeppelin - Image From

Well, what can I say?

The Gig was AMAZING! start to finish Led Zeppelins set was fantastic.

Its taken me 2 days to get my thoughts together after the concert just to be able to string together something more than a few lines, and I am still in shock and awe.

Led Zeppelin - Picture by

Being born far too late to have boarded the Zeppelin the first time round, this could possibly be my only chance to see the band live, and if it is, then I can die happy.

I witnessed Stairway To Heaven Live, played by LED ZEPPELIN!

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven, Page with Doubleneck - Pic By

The Night was just full of suprises, but in a nice way.

All musicians on stage were on top form;

Robert Plant - pic by

Robert Plants Voice was on top form, he hit all the right notes, and played the crowd like a champ!

Jimmy Page - Pic By

Jimmy Page… I forgot he was playing with a broken finger!! it was that amazing… Since I’ve Been Loving you was astounding.

John Paul Jones - pic by

John Paul Jones, was there ever any doubt that he wouldnt be able to pull this off really hitting all the right notes, and just being damn good.

Jason Bonham - pics by

and Jason Bonham, really what can I say? Jason Bonham was immense, he filled his fathers shoes and kicked the shit out of those drums… really, on top form, a real driving force for Zeppelin, and although the thought of Dave Ghrol on Drums excited me to begin with, Jason Bonham was really, unquestionably, the best choice by far to have on those skins!
Hats Off to Jason.

The night ended with 2 encores, obviously planned, but, why the hell not? First of which being Whole Lotta Love, which was immense! theremin Solo and more…

Theremin Solo by Jimmy Page - pics by

Then after a short (about 5 minute) somewhat standing ovation from the crowd, they came back out to Rock and Roll (which I really cant wait to see the footage of the beginning, because you should be able to hear me introduce the song :) - Just as they walk out on stage and Plant is about to speak, I piped Up with the Song title “Rock and Roll” at the top of my Lungs… and then the band kicked straight into it!)

Unquestionably the best night of my life, ever!

As for the rumours of new material… I think new material would be awesome, but it is just a rumour… sure page will have riffs that he will want to work on and stuff, but the rest of the band do have other commitments… so time will tell.

As for rumours of a tour… well, if its down to percy, then i think after Monday nights performance, he may well change his mind. or alternatively they will just say Stop… put the nay sayers to bed with a sick taste in thier mouth, and have Monday Nights concert as the Ultimate Swan Song Gig.

Led Zeppelin - pic by

Tuesday 11th December 2007

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Video Of My Pics on youtube

Thanks to whoever put this compelation together (and keeping the credits!)

so to those who havent seen it, without further ado…

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Led Zeppelin Pictures

Im astounded that in the hour and a bit that i have put my pictures on my new led zeppelin site, the hit count of UNIQUE visitors has gone up to 1800, in little under an hour.

Thanks for your visits, and i hope you enjoy the pictures…

i will add more later today (tomorow for americans i beleive)

its now 4:30am and im sitting reading nice comments about the pictures and seeing how many varied places people are linking to them :)

thanks again

Ste :: Led Zeppelin Rock

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Led Zeppelin Pictures Now Online!

Check out my photo collection…

this is a quick selection of the 550+ photos i took at the gig!

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Video of Crowd Reaction after Led Zeppelin's first encore

Crowd Reaction Video After the 1st Encore…

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Oh My God... Amazing!!!

Just got in from the led zeppelin gig, and it was amazing, breathtaking even… more to come shortly… need to sort my stuff out and rest my feet!

Sunday 09th December 2007

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This is my last Blog Until after Zeppelin!!

Thousands of fans are collecting their tickets for Led Zeppelin’s eagerly awaited reunion show at the 02 Arena today.

The gig, originally scheduled for November 26 was postponed after guitarist Jimmy Page fractured his finger.

Page, from Epsom, sustained the injury at the beginning of November and was not able to play guitar for three weeks.

It is the first time the rock legends will have performed together for 19 years and tight security is in place to make sure the tickets go to fans rather than touts.

Promoter Harvey Goldsmith said: “A lot of people are picking up their tickets. They have to bring their photo ID and the method of payment they used to buy the tickets.

“Then they are given a wrist band which, once it’s locked on, won’t come off until after the show to ensure they aren’t sold on.”

O2 arena’s website crashed when 25million fans tried to register for tickets after the announcement of Led Zeppelin’s comeback in September.

The website recorded 100,000 hits a minute as people rushed to sign up for the chance to attend the gig.

More than one million people took part in a ballot for just 9,000 pairs of tickets to the show.

Other acts performing at the concert include Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman, Foreigner and Paolo Nutini.

Profits will benefit the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which provides scholarships to universities in the United States, United Kingdom and Ertegun’s homeland, Turkey.

Source: wimbledonguardian

So, Yeah… theres alot of people already there and waiting for tickets…

from what i understand, it took many people just under an hour to pickup tickets early on, and the queues got longer, along with people waiting upto 5 hours or longer before the queues opened.

The o2 seems to have it under control however, by having the queues divided by surname, like, A-D, E-H, etc… which should make checking ID painless.

I am really excited, and as per the title of this blog, this will be my last one until after the gig as im travelling down to London today, and heading back up home on tuesday morning.

Should be interesting, to say the very least.

If you see me, come and say hi :)

Oh, and one last thing before i go… i dont know how as i am a guest, but i got an email from the o2 just minutes ago, to the effect of this:

O2 Email

Now this wouldnt worry me, except i am the guest of someone going to the concert, so my name isnt even in the system of people going, unless signing up for parking on this night presumes that i am going… ah well, it seems like the system is well performing :)

Everyone thats going, Have an Awesome time!

Everyone who isnt.. Stay tuned for a full review (and pictures) of what goes on… Bookmark to make sure you dont miss out.



Friday 07th December 2007

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Jimmy Page Puts Off His own Charity To Concentrate on Ahmet Tribute Gig.

LED ZEPPELIN guitarist JIMMY PAGE snubbed a fundraising event for his own charity so he could prepare for his band’s concert next week.

The rocker was due to appear at a party for his charity, Task Brazil, in London on Tuesday, but stayed at home to practise for the band’s historic one-off gig next Monday.

Amanda Smith, spokesperson for the charity and wife of Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith, says, “Jimmy was sad to have missed the party but he is trying to focus on his gig.”

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Fans feel whole lotta love as Led Zeppelin reunite

By Mike Collett-White

LONDON (Reuters) - The songs remain the same and so will the passion when fans from around the world gather to see Led Zeppelin, one of rock music’s most influential bands, reunite for a one-off gig on Monday.

Singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones will be joined on stage in London by drummer Jason Bonham, son of the fourth original band member John, whose death in 1980 prompted Led Zeppelin’s break-up.

Songs like “Stairway to Heaven,” “Whole Lotta Love” and “Communication Breakdown” have helped Led Zeppelin sell 300 million albums, the bulk in their heyday of the 1970s when they could lay claim to being the world’s biggest rock group.

When Led Zeppelin announced they would play a tribute concert to the late music promoter Ahmet Ertegun, who signed them in 1968, the ticket Web site crashed and the band counted the number of people trying to log on in their millions.

One fan from Scotland entered a charity auction last month and paid $170,000 for a pair of tickets to the show.

To coincide with the charity gig, the band issued a hits album “Mothership,” a digitally remastered DVD of “The Song Remains The Same” featuring rare live footage from concerts in the 1970s and the entire back catalogue on the Internet.

Fans have had to wait longer than expected for the concert after guitarist Page broke a finger in a fall. The concert was postponed for two weeks.

Page said in late November that the digit was healing well.

“It’s going to be fine for the concert,” the 63-year-old told Reuters. “I’m able to do what I ought to be able to do, it’s just a bit bruised and a it’s bit painful still, but with this two weeks’ postponement … it’s going to be fine.”


The three surviving members of Led Zeppelin have been together on stage a handful of times since they split 27 years ago. But whereas these reunions were shambolic, Led Zeppelin are confident Monday’s 90-minute set will be different.

Page said the band would probably play one track they had never performed before in public but would not be drawn on whether a successful concert could lead to a full reunion tour.

More and more bands are reuniting to perform live rather than recording new music, including the Sex Pistols and Spice Girls in recent weeks. Tours and their spinoff merchandise are generally more profitable than selling records nowadays.

“Let’s just do the O2 (on Monday) and we’ll see what happens from there,” Page said. “I haven’t got a crystal ball here and nor have you.”

Music industry sources believe that Plant, 59, who has enjoyed the most success as a solo artist, may be the least keen on a comeback tour. Unlike Jones, 61, and Page, Plant has had little to do with promoting the December 10 gig.

(Editing by Robert Woodward)

Source: Reuters

Thursday 06th December 2007

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Hard-Fi who?

HARD-FI have lambasted LED ZEPPELIN, SEX PISTOLS and THE POLICE, branding them “rock ‘n’ roll dinosaurs” who are only embarking on comeback tours for the money.
The British rockers, who kicked off a U.K. tour in Glasgow on Wednesday night (05Dec07), are infuriated by veterans who charge steep prices for shows.
Drummer Steve Kemp says, “I know these old bands have a huge legacy but paying over £100 for a ticket is a joke.
“If it’s a band you really love, of course you want to go and see them - buy why should you then pay so much money for it? “These rock ‘n’ roll dinosaurs are coming out for a last pay cheque. I don’t know what they’re going to do on stage that’s so special.”


What the f***?

where do Hard-Fi get off?

I think this is a case of jealousy gone mad… of course they would love to have 20 MILLION people apply for tickets to their gigs, but alas they must play to half empty small clubs and be unhappy with it.

Such a mediocre band slagging of legends is making news these days?

Obviously ill-informed also… The Led Zeppelin Reunion gig, aka, the Ahmet tribute gig, is just that, a tribute and charity event in order to raise funds and remember the man who signed them, its not about money at all. Do this “Hard-Fi” honestly believe that Led Zeppelin, one of the biggest selling artists of ALL TIME, are doing this for the MONEY!?

I’ve never once been interested in Hard-Fi… but not I’m interested, only to see how long until their inevitable fall to failure…

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Led Zeppelin offered "hundreds of millions of dollars"!

“I would like to keep this moving,” Page said. “I’ve got things I’ve been working on for the past four years that I’m proud of. Some of the songs I’ve got ready are as good as anything I’ve done in the past. I wouldn’t necessarily save them for my solo career.”

Hedging a bit, Page added: “I don’t wanna play shows that aren’t fun any more. I’ve gone back to my philosophy of the ’70s, which was to enjoy myself.”

Jones said the group had been offered “hundreds of millions of dollars” to tour North America, “but we’ve never got anywhere near accepting.”

“Look, I don’t turn money down, but I’ve never been tempted,” Jones was quoted as saying. “I’m notoriously fickle like that. If I don’t want to do something because I won’t enjoy it, then I won’t do it.”

Wednesday 05th December 2007

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More Passcodes Sent Out Today!!

There have been reports of people getting emails today from with some more passcodes…

obviously the final loose tickets are being sifted through.

its a first come first served basis, so good luck all and i hope you are all lucky with your hunt for the elusive Led Zeppelin tickets!

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Led Zeppelin To Tour In 2008?

Well, there’s been no official word as of yet, so whatever you read will be a rumour, unless the band themselves confirm it, I wouldn’t believe it. Of course, the Media will try and make a mountain out of a molehill wherever they turn, as stories that everyone is interested in sell magazines, papers, and get ratings on TV.

With this in mind, what rumours are floating around?

Zeppelin to play Bonnaroo with Metallica? Well as posted earlier, this has been offciially struck off.

There was a rumour that a certain Ian Astbury sent around, and the jury is still out on that one.

The Glastonbury rumour was poo-pooed fairly early on too, but did give a good insight into what the band were thinking, as the response from Glastonbury was that Led Zeppelin wanted more money than they would give. (From what i heard, i cant recall if it was OFFICIAL or not!)

Those are the main rumours that i have noticed floating around;

The band seems divided on where they stand towards a tour;
“I would like to keep this moving,” Jimmy Page told Q music magazine’s January edition.

John Paul Jones said;
“I guess the door has been left slightly ajar. We’ll have to see how we feel about it afterwards. Everybody’s got to really want to do it.”

But Robert Plant seems set on making this the one final gig, with lining up tours next year with Alison Krauss to promote thier new album, Raising Sand.

Whats your opinion?

will Led Zeppelin Tour In 2008?

Is the Led Zeppelin Reunion 2007 going to be their ultimate finale?

Will there be any more reunions in the future?

Comment to have your say!

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Bonnaroo festival deny Led Zeppelin rumours

Organisers say Metallica claims are wide of the mark too

Led Zeppelin will not headline the Bonnaroo Festival 2008, despite internet reports.

Rumours that Metallica were also set to play have been denied too.

In a statement to Billboard, organisers Superfly Presents and AC Entertainment explained: “The rumours that are out there about the Bonnaroo 2008 headliners are inaccurate.

“We’re very excited about the line-up that we’re putting together for this year’s festival. We’ll be announcing the confirmed line-up toward the end of January/beginning of February.”

The source of the Led Zeppelin/Metallica rumor was an anonymous email included last week in industry commentator Bob Lefsetz’s newsletter.


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'We couldn't just play for 40 minutes' says Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin have explained that they are planning to perform for two hours at their reunion show at London’s O2 Arena on December 10.

Guitarist Jimmy Page revealed that when the band were first contacted about playing a reunion show, they were asked to play for 40 minutes, but the band thought this was too short.

“When we were first asked to do this [reunion show], we were asked to play a 40-minute set. We soon realised we couldn’t,” he told Q magazine.

“If we go out and play ‘No Quarter’, ‘Moby Dick’ and ‘Dazed And Confused’ with all the solos, you’re already talking over an hour.”

He added: “We’ve gone from [planning to play for] 75 minutes to 90, to the best part of two hours.”

Page went on to explain that while Led Zeppelin will play for two hours, he doesn’t think he could handle playing for much longer than that.

“There’s no way I can take on playing three-and-a-half-hour sets now,” he said. “Flying against the wind and the storms, because I just don’t have that energy anymore. But I’ve still got enough in me to get through a two-hour set.”


Tuesday 04th December 2007

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Page Apprehensive About The Sound At The O2 Arena.

Led Zeppelin are taking tips from Elton John ahead of their reunion next week (December 10).

The band will take the stage in London at the 02 Arena, which was converted into a gig venue after it began life as the Millennium Dome.

However, after seeing several concerts there, guitarist Jimmy Page admitted he may consult the rock ‘n’ roll knight in order to get the best sound.

The Stones sounded terrible [when they played there], Prince wasn’t great, Snow Patrol was just this great monolithic noise,” Page told Q Magazine.

However John’s performance at the venue impressed the guitarist and he admitted he may well seek out advice on how he pulled it off.

“The only guy who sounded OK in there was Elton John,” explained Page. “So I may talk to his soundman.”

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Led Zeppelin And Metallica To Play Bonnaroo

Apparently, Led Zeppelin will play its first U.S. show since July 24, 1977, this June at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennassee, according to an email published in industry commentator Bob Lefsetz’s newsletter. The report also says Metallica will headline the event.

Since the announcement of the December Reunion gig there has been non-stop Speculation about additional shows for Zeppelin.

A Bonnaroo spokesperson had no comment on the email. And Led Zeppelin are Keeping Schtum. But with such high demand on the ahmet gig, obviously they want to make it a special night for the people who are going, and also not let people feel bad about spending such a high pricetag on the gig, especially if a tour is coming up.

Personally, whether they tour or not, the 10th of December will be an AWESOME night.

Summer Zeppelin shows would conflict with a tour by frontman Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, which is presently being booked. Which kind of puts a big downer on the whole tour rumour, but alas, that doesnt stop the tabloids poking at the band with a big stick now does it!

As for Metallica, Bonnaroo would likely provide a launching pad for the group’s next album, expected sometime in 2008 via Elektra, which i am also looking forward to!

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