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Monday 08th October 2007

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CAPTCHA could've cut down the bogus registrations...

Of course, being a “Geek", I had noticed originally that the page where registration was taking place had no means of checking, or at least trying to prevent whom was human and who was a machine filling in the form.

Using a piece of code, or software called CAPTCHA a lot of the script generated registrations could have been avoided, whereby the career touts and the amateurs would use scripts to register time after time to better their odds, they would have had to do it manually, which wouldn’t have stopped these people, but it would have slowed them down quite considerably.

Of course, this system was based on good will, and as we have seen where there is good will, there are people who will abuse it.

There are also the people who will not take into account things that can go wrong.

to quote someone off a forum ( )

Apparently, alot of people needed “Caution: HOT!” on McDonalds Coffee Cups

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Second Ballot coming soon...

From what I gather down at the Watering Hole:

The second draw for tickets will take place this coming Friday.

Winners will be notified at the beginning of next week (Mon/Tues/Wed). I can’t confirm the exact day yet but I’m sure the important people will soon enough.

Once again, good luck!!

…When the levee breaks…

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Oh Dear...

It seems my site for information on the Led Zeppelin Reunion, (this one) Has been neglected, and i thought it would be fine, but it seems that id set it to archive after only 2 days, which means, well for the past 2 days the website has been EMPTY.



I will get busy in a bit and get some more information up so anyone that has been coming to the website can catch up too!

I hate to think how many people have turned up to an empty looking website recently :(

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Oh, the Neglect :(

I seem to have neglected the website for the past couple of days.

I have been working fairly non-stop since Friday and not had much chance to get on the internet, so right now I’m trying to catch up myself on what’s gone on in the world of Zeppelin since I have been gone.

it seems Harvey goldsmith added a new blog to his website and cleared up even more why the rules were amended and what happened…

I am fully aware that there seems to be concerns about people who became winners in the ballot and then decided to use somebody else’s credit card to pay for the ticket.
However, I am convinced that those who are bleating the loudest seem to be protesting too much for other reasons.
I was obviously aware that there would be huge demand for tickets to this event. This is the reason why we devised the ballot system and therefore registration of your name.
On this basis we presumed that those that registered wanted to actually see the show. It is painfully obvious that if the ticket is not transferable then the method of obtaining the ticket is not transferable either.
The reason why there is now confusion amongst the few is simply because a number of people who were lucky enough to be winners in the ballot decided to capitalise on their winnings.
We take a very dim view of this as we want genuine fans to come to the concert. I would have thought that if you were a genuine fan and were lucky enough to win you would have been overjoyed at the opportunity and played the game and paid for your tickets as have the vast majority of winners.
Having looked at eBay, StubHub, viagogo and various other touting websites, it has become obvious that a number of you only joined this ballot for commercial gain. It also appears to me that those who have used this for commercial gain are the ones who are protesting the most.
Of course there are a few people who genuinely want to come but may not have had a suitable credit card to pay for them. The answer to those people is very simple; if you are GENUINE you will contact us and give us a justified explanation.


1) You registered for the ballot
2) The ballot chose YOU as a winner and issued YOU with a pass code
3) You immediately pay for your 2 tickets with YOUR credit card


1) Turn up to the O2 arena on either Sunday 25th November between 10am and 6 pm or Monday 26th November from 10am
2) Bring photo id to prove who you are
3) Bring the credit card that you paid for the tickets with you
4) Bring the person with you who is your guest
5) Receive the ticket and ENJOY THE SHOW!

This is will work for the vast majority of people who genuinely would like to see the concert and is simple and effective.

Now for the small minority, if you think that you can beat the system by buying from eBay or any other website you are wrong, you will NOT be allowed in to the concert and your application for tickets will be cancelled within the next 14 days.
Those cancelled applications will then be offered out to further lucky, genuine winners who registered in the ballot and would like to come to the concert.
Finally for the very few genuine fans that have other problems you will no doubt contact us and plead your case.

I have no interest in supporting parasite businesses who prevent fans from supporting their artists by the increased price of the tickets and who ultimately put nothing whatsoever back into our business to support it.

More to come soon…

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