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Thursday 04th October 2007

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Ahmet Tribute Email...

I suspect this email is what has been sent to the original winners of the ballot.

Im not sure how accurate it is, but if it is kosher then i expect alot of people are going to want their money back for being done up like a kipper by touts / scalpers:

Ahmet Ertegun Tribute (1923 - 2006)


Congratulations on winning the ballot.

Please note that your passcode is not transferable.

Please note your ticket will not be transferable.

The ballot was set up to allow the fairest way for fans to obtain a ticket.

The passcodes are not transferable and belong only to the winning registrant.

The tickets are not transferable.

Winning applicants;

You have successfully won the opportunity to buy a pair of tickets to the concert.

In order to collect your tickets you will have to do the following;

* Bring the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets
* Bring state issued Photo ID
* Bring the person with you that is attending the show

Only the applicant who

a) applied for the ballot

b) was a winner in the ballot will be able to gain entry to the concert.

Unless the original winning registration name and passcode match the ticket booking, the booking will be cancelled and you will be notified.

If you have sold or have given away your passcode whomever you have sold / given it to will be denied entry into the concert.

All cancelled bookings will go back into the ballot for reselection.

If you are a winner and you delayed your ticket purchase due to any confusion about who is entitled to book the tickets, as a goodwill gesture we have arranged for you to have a further 24 hours to make your booking. Your original passcode and weblink will allow you access.

This additional 24 hours starts as of 8pm GMT on the 4th October 2007.

Collection of Tickets

Tickets can be collected from the O2 Arena

Sunday 25th November – 10am - 6pm

Monday 26th November – from 10am

Led Zeppelin MOTHERSHIP Cover

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Ticketmaster site stops selling tickets...

It seems that the Ticketmaster site has stopped selling tickets to the Led Zeppelin Concert.

This means either one of two things.

The Venue is sold out (which judging by the amount of people who havent touted their tickets who couldn’t go is looking unlikely)

or it means the 72 hours are up and they are using time now to cross reference tickets against the rules policy that was put into place on the 2nd of October.

Second ballot could be under way within the next 24 hours…

Heres to hoping!

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Second Draw from the hat anyone?

Its what I’m hoping for…

Well, from reading the FAQ’s, it states that people have 72 hours to buy the tickets from the passcode they obtained, or the tickets will be added to a second draw.

well today is the day the 72 hours are up.

I wonder how many tickets they had left over?
I wonder if they ACTUALLY cancelled the tickets they said they would
I wonder what time they will email out the new lucky winners?

All very valid questions for Harvey Goldsmith, but i doubt he would answer many, if any of them.

Only time will tell now kids!

I have my fingers crossed!

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