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Monday 01st October 2007

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Seems the email is REAL!

I’d imagine most people were hoping that the emails were a hoax, but a screenshot (which could have been mocked up but lets not keep trying to kid ourselves) that looks very real has appearedon’s forum.

The email looks like:

Led Zeppelin Email

Sorry people… looks like if you dont have an email by now its the end of the first round for you (and me too! as i dont have one either).

Lets just look forward to the second round and hope that enough people dont follow through and we get some tickets… (actually, screw u guys, i want tickets!! :) )

Good luck all, and Have fun those who have tickets… you lucky, lucky people.

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Interpretation of terms and conditions.

From what it seem, it is almost impossible to “tout” your tickets.

To collect tickets, each original purchaser and theperson accompanying them to the show must be present in order to pick up the tickets and wristbands. NO exceptions

so lets face it, if you need to do that, touts can ONLY sell the passcode, and if its a half decent system, then the passcode will be linked to the person that registered, which means peoplewho registered multiple times with different names, may not be able to get the tickets if they are successful with a name which does not corrospond, which ALSO means, that alot of tickets could be re-allocated in 72 hours!

touts can f–k off in my opinion… along with the people buying to sell on later.

Hopefully, REAL led zeppelin fans will get the tickets.

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Ticket confirmations have been sent out... unfortunately...

I just got sent this from a kind guy who visited this website about an hour ago.. it is a copy of the email he recieved from the competition. MINUS THE PASSCODE obviously)

He got it about 2 hours ago:

Congratulations we are very pleased to be able to offer you tickets for the Ahmet Tribute concert at the O2 Arena in London on the 26th November 2007. Please read the below information carefully before you proceed to booking, by continuing to the booking page you are agreeing to all the below.

  • You have 72 hours to book and pay for your tickets.
  • Your individual passcode can only be used once and will be invalid after the deadline as mentioned above has passed.
  • NO tickets will be mailed out. All concert goers must pick up their tickets and non-transferable wristbands in advance of the show at the O2 Arena between 10am and 6pm on Sunday 25th November and between 10am and 6pm on Monday 26th November. To avoid long queues on the day of the show you are strongly urged to pick up your tickets and wristbands on Sunday 25th November or arrive as early as possible on Monday 26th November, please be aware that ticket collection will be busy at peak times and you should anticipate having to wait to be served.
  • To collect the tickets each original purchaser and the person accompanying them to the show must be present in order to pick up the tickets and wristbands. NO exceptions
    Each original purchaser must provide the actual credit card used for the purchase along with valid state-issued PHOTO ID in order to receive the tickets and non-transferable wristbands. All wristbands will be fitted immediately.
  • There will be no exceptions to the above, no name changes or letters of authorisation will be accepted under any circumstances.
  • On the night of the show EVERYONE will be required to present BOTH the WRISTBAND and TICKET for entrance to the show. Wristbands must NOT be removed or tampered with prior to entering the show or your access will be refused. Original ticketholders must bring photo ID to the show as they may be required to present it upon entry to the venue.
  • The original conditions of sale will be enforced. These tickets are non-transferable and any resale will void the transaction without refund.
  • If you book the tickets and are unable to attend we will refund the face value of the tickets (£125 per ticket) if you contact us before the 20th October 2007. No refunds will be accepted after this date.
  • Customers with disabilities should forward this email and contact phone number to to book accessible seating (subject to availability).

We are doing our best to keep the tickets for this event out of the hands of secondary ticket sellers and in the hands of the fans so please help us by adhering to the above.

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According to Atlantic Spokesperson, Results By Midnight!

Thats right, according to an Atlantic spokesperson, the winners of the first round of results will be getting thier email by 0000 BST (2300GMT).

Exciting times…

For more information about the second draws See the previous post.

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Frequently asked questions... FAQ update...

Updated 1st OCTOBER 2007

1. Can I still register for the ballot?

Unfortunately the ballot has now closed and no further registrations can be accepted.

2. I accidentally registered more than once but I do not want to be disqualified what can I do?

Only additional registrations were removed from the final list so your original registration has remained in the ballot.

3. If I am successful, how will I be contacted?

The ballot has now been drawn and the successful applicants will receive an email in the next 24 hours. This email will contain all the information you need to purchase your tickets.

4. What if I require disabled access?

If you a successful applicant and require disabled access the email as mentioned above will contain all the information you require to arrange accessible seating.

5. How long will I have to pay for my tickets?

You will have 72 hours.

6. How many tickets can I buy and how much are they?

Ticket purchases will be restricted to no more than 2 per successful registrant and all tickets will be £125 plus booking fee.

7. What happens to any remaining unsold tickets?

Once the successful applicants have completed their purchases any remaining tickets will be offered in a second round of random selection of remaining applicants from the original registration.

8. When will the second round of tickets be offered?

Please keep checking this website for updates.

9. How will you use the information I provided?

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

10. What is the Ahmet Education Fund?

The Ahmet Education Fund is a charitable fund which is administered by The City Charity Trust (charity number 259420) the purpose of which is to establish university educational bursaries.


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Led Zeppelin Tickets?

Well, 1st October is here. and, well, I have had no email. Not surprising really.

But have the tickets been sent out yet? have any notifications left yet. I would imagine it would be all over the news as soon as people started receiving them, but thus far I have seen nothing in the news.

Let me know if you hear anything about tickets.

Of course… my interpretation is that the people that get notifications have a few days to buy tickets, and if they don’t buy, then the tickets get re-allocated, so 1st October could well be the first day leading to possible few tries at giving out all notifications to people who will actually buy them.

Personally if I got the chance to buy tickets, then within a minute of seeing the email, I would sign up for the tickets, but some people (especially the ones over the pond from the UK) who might have liked tickets and entered but not quite have the funds/resources to get over to the UK for the concert might have to forfeit the chance, and hopefully if this happens and I haven’t received a ticket, then it will come to me.

The chance is there though.

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