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Thursday 13th September 2007

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Half Hour Set?

Just heard on the radio that it was planned for Led Zeppelin to only do a 30 minute set at the gig, but they have enjoyed practising together so much that they are now to do a 2 hour set.

I was gob smacked that they even entertained the idea of only doing a 30 minute show to be honest. £125 and only 30 mins of seeing the band that you are there for. I acknowledge that it is for charity, but 30 minutes would be taking the Michael just a little bit in my opinion.

Suffice to say from what I heard on the radio, a recording of one of the members saying how they were enjoying the jamming together that they will do a longer set of 2 hours.

Then again, this isn’t taking into account that the 3 remaining members are not getting any younger… will they be able to re-capture the magic, and if so, for how long?

could they pull off a 2 hour set without it becoming very messy to watch? would they still have the energy to perform well for so long? we all know Led Zeppelin are known for their stage shows and the movement and energy on stage. will this be something to look forward to?

only time will tell.

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20 Million People Applied...

From what I hear, 20 million people have registered thus far to get tickets for the Led Zeppelin gig at the o2 arena. No big surprise really, considering people all over the globe would travel to see this one-off gig!

so that kinda makes odds up to now of getting tickets 1000/1. and there’s still more time for people to register.

a scary thought perhaps.

Also, Any tickets that appear on ebay will be disregarded and not allowed into the gig, they will be CANCELLED. So don’t even bother.

if you don’t want to go, then don’t register, there’s plenty of other people after tickets who would do anything to go, don’t exploit it. after all, it is for charity lest we forget.

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