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Wednesday 12th September 2007

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Led Zeppelin Site
Led Zeppelins Site has Just been updated showing the Gig date and also the live releases date.

get over there to see for yourselves.

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Just been listening to Kerrang! Radio in the car on the way home, and it seems like the broadcasters are a bit clueless, so just to clear things up;

The Ahmat Website IS ONLINE! it just keeps falling over due to the demand of people trying to get onto it, it does work, but i was trying for 45 minutes to get registered for the gig, so if you want to get registered, then keep trying, or leave it a day or 2 for the rush to calm down.

The Public Ballot ends on OCTOBER 1st, which is when the lucky people will get notified that they can purchase tickets. so theres no imminent rush just yet to get registered, but make sure you do it within the week… keep trying at different times of the day!

I got my confirmation email and it reads:


Thank you for registering for Ahmet Tribute tickets.

If successful you will be contacted by email by the 1st October and will be given information on how to purchase at this time.

For all other information please see FAQ’s provided on our website

Thank you

Obviously with such high demand though the FAQ’s wont be accessible, but it will die down (eventually).

So yes, the website is online, but because of demand it looks like it is none exsistant.

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Confirmation email...

Thank you very much… after nearly an hour of trying I have my confirmation email, and thank you for registering.

Phew, thought I was never going to get there for a second.

Lucky fans will find out on October the 1st whether or not they are successful or not.

Lets hope I am one of the successful ones! Could be a life changing experience for anyone that sees it.

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As expected the server has fallen down due to too many people trying to get on at once to register interest in the gig.

ARGH!!!! >:XX >:XX >:XX >:XX

Edit: I just got onto the Ahmet site, and was greeted by a picture of the guy! i went to load the next page after the picture, and it fell down again. DOH!

someone had the silly idea of putting a huge picture on a site thats going to get raped by Led Zeppelin Fans. Drained Bandwidth anyone?

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NME reveals full info:

Led Zeppelin will reform for a one of show at the O2 arena in London it was confirmed today (September 12).

The band will reunite for the show in November 26, topping a bill that also includes Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman And The Rhythm Kings, Foreigner and Paolo Nutini.

The show is being held to raise money for the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which pays for university scholarships in the UK, US and Turkey.

Tickets for the show cost £125 each and they are limited to two per person.

Tickets will be distributed by ballot only and those wishing to go must register on


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Do the BBC know something the world doesnt?

I’m sitting here, scouring the internet for more updates about the rumoured gig, and i notice the BBC at 14:33pm updated thier news about Zeppelin, stating that “Singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones, will reunite for the one-off show at the O2 arena in London on 26 November.”

So what do they know already?

I thought that the press conference was at 4pm, not 2:30pm. How are they so sure that it “will” be held?

Apparently, “Tickets will be allocated by public ballot, and cost £125.", Also according to the BBC.

Where are they getting thier information? is it true? £125 per ticket?

I know for sure i would pay it, but where did they get that figure? they list no source for where they are getting thier information.

They also list Pete Townshend and Bill Wyman as support acts for the night.

More info to come shortly…

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So Todays The Press Conference.

So Today is the day Led Zeppelin have called the press conference. So, what do we expect?

Considering that possibly every year since the demise of drummer John Bonham, people have speculated of a tour, or reunion gig. Could this be just another rumour that got everyone’s backs up, and thus causing publicity for the forthcoming releases in November previously stated?

Well, Possibly.

At first I was very excited to hear the news about the band possibly getting back together for a gig at the O2 arena, but maybe, its all an elaborate plot to get more sales of the releases coming up, create a big hype, chart again, and lead the public on for another year. Of course, it isn’t Led Zeppelin leading people on, its the media hyping everything.

Certain sources mention Robert Plant confirming a one-off reunion gig, but maybe they are taking something that RP said, and taking it out of context? Its been known many times before, and everyone knows the media love a good story, as they will get readers.

Think of how many Led Zeppelin fans there are in the world which would love the rumours to come to fruition, stories like this, sell magazines, it sells papers, and it makes for great TV. But ultimately its all based on hearsay.

I eagerly await the press conference later today, but ultimately, I can see it will just be regarding the releases in November. I hope it is for a reunion, although as previously stated, even if it went ahead, I doubt I’d get a ticket, but I really do hope they hit the stage again.

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