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Thursday 18th July 2013

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An In Depth Look At The Car(s) That Inspired Kashmir...

Robert Plant in an Austin Champ
The story began in 1973, after Led Zeppelin's whirlwind tour of the U.S in July a well earned holiday was in order. Bandmates Plant and Page, already enamoured with Moroccan culture and eastern music by that point, hopped on a plane to Agadir....
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Monday 16th May 2011

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Good news on the horizon? O2 Reunion on Blue-ray

okay, okay, so its been too long since i posted any news about zeppelin in this blog, well, the time has come to post some good news…..

Unfortunatelly, as far as I am aware there will still be no reunion for Led Zeppelin any time soon, although, if you were unlucky enough to have missed the reunion at the O2 in London, on 10th of December 2007, then you may well just be able to see the next best thing!

Led Zeppelins Swan Song gig, in fully fledged 1080 High Definition beauty!

I was lucky enough to be there for this gig, and I can’t wait for it! The bootlegs are from weird and quirky angles, and if you’ve seen what they whipped up and kicked out to the news vendors, then after JPP has put his stamp on it and mastered the audio, it should only be some epic awesomeness…

Read all about it from some guys who are more informed than I here:

Later guys, and I’ll post more news as I hear it!

Wednesday 12th September 2007

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So Todays The Press Conference.

So Today is the day Led Zeppelin have called the press conference. So, what do we expect?

Considering that possibly every year since the demise of drummer John Bonham, people have speculated of a tour, or reunion gig. Could this be just another rumour that got everyone’s backs up, and thus causing publicity for the forthcoming releases in November previously stated?

Well, Possibly.

At first I was very excited to hear the news about the band possibly getting back together for a gig at the O2 arena, but maybe, its all an elaborate plot to get more sales of the releases coming up, create a big hype, chart again, and lead the public on for another year. Of course, it isn’t Led Zeppelin leading people on, its the media hyping everything.

Certain sources mention Robert Plant confirming a one-off reunion gig, but maybe they are taking something that RP said, and taking it out of context? Its been known many times before, and everyone knows the media love a good story, as they will get readers.

Think of how many Led Zeppelin fans there are in the world which would love the rumours to come to fruition, stories like this, sell magazines, it sells papers, and it makes for great TV. But ultimately its all based on hearsay.

I eagerly await the press conference later today, but ultimately, I can see it will just be regarding the releases in November. I hope it is for a reunion, although as previously stated, even if it went ahead, I doubt I’d get a ticket, but I really do hope they hit the stage again.

Tuesday 11th September 2007

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Led Zeppelin New Releases?

Whilst browsing yesturday, i noticed that there are a few new releases coming soon from Led Zeppelin. The Song Remains the Same (Remastered & Remixed), and also Mothership: The Best Of.

Both of which due for release on the 19th Of November 2007 (according to play), other sources indicate it could be released as early as the 13th, maybe in the states, as opposed to UK?

Either way, something to look forward to, i think.

The track listings looks set to be as follows:

Track Listing:

Disc One
1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Communication Breakdown
3. Dazed And Confused
4. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
5. Whole Lotta Love
6. Ramble On
7. Heartbreaker
8. Immigrant Song
9. Since I’ve Been Loving You
10. Rock And Roll
11. Black Dog
12. When The Levee Breaks
13. Stairway To Heaven

Disc Two
1. Song Remains The Same
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. D’Yer Maker
4. No Quarter
5. Trampled Under Foot
6. Houses Of The Holy
7. Kashmir
8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
9. Achilles Last Stand
10. In The Evening
11. All My Love

Track Listing

Disc One
1. Rock And Roll
2. Celebration Day
3. Black Dog*
4. Over The Hills*
5. Misty Mountain Hop*
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You*
7. No Quarter
8. The Song Remains The Same
9. Rain Song
10. The Ocean*

Disc Two
1. Dazed And Confused
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Moby Dick
4. Heartbreaker*
5. Whole Lotta Love

* Not on original soundtrack release

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Welcome to Led Zeppelin Rock, hopefully we can build this site into a buzzing community and a great resource for Led Zeppelin information, rumours, and truths.

Looking forward to the upcoming one-off gig at the 02 arena… just hope i can get a ticket!! :(

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